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Want to bring The Boldest Co.’s mission and values to your customers? We are here for you just like we are committed to supporting every woman. By becoming a Boldest Co. retail partner you are contributing to real social change and real community impact, one strong woman at a time! We love seeing every woman reach their full potential which is why we are committed to helping your business grow and not just be another name on your shelves.

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Why Stock our Products?

Not sure yet if The Boldest Co. will be a good fit for your brand? Here are a few selling points that we think you’ll love and that will keep your customers coming back for more!

Community over Corporations

Our founder Hannah started off as a brick and mortar store owner just like you probably did. She understands the demands that come with creating a welcoming environment full of everything your customers are looking for or didn’t know they needed, while also wearing every hat in the company. From purchase orders to mopping the floors we know that you are killing it out there so we want to make your ordering and fulfillment as simple as possible. Read more about how our partnerships work and receive continued support with our exclusive retailer newsletter.

Giving Back

Our retail partners can feel good knowing that your orders are still contributing to the wellbeing of those in need. 10% of all profit generated from our wholesale orders goes directly to our charity efforts and really gives your customers the great feeling of being able to do good with their purchases. For our larger partners we offer exclusive charity opportunities for you and your employees to be directly involved in the donation process in your specific community. These events can be a great way to engage with your community and show how you are making a difference. See how your orders can make a difference.

Doing Right by the World

Very soon our retail partners will be able to offer their customers refillable and bulk purchase options. Refill stations are quickly becoming popular in larger urban centers and we want to give our smaller communities the same opportunity to do right by the environment. These eye catching conversation starters are not available yet but if you would like to be one of the first in your area, join our waitlist below!

Wholesale FAQs

Welcome! We want to make it really easy for our retailers to join the movement! All you’ll need to do is create your account and answer a few questions to see wholesale terms and pricing.

Most accounts will gain instant access to terms and pricing after submitting the sign up form. Some special situations will require manual approval which should take 1 to 2 business days in most cases. If you have submitted your application form and have not been approved please feel free to reach out to our wholesale support team with any questions here.

Yes! The Boldest Co. products can be found on Faire, Handshake, and Abound currently with other third party ordering platforms being added at times. While you can order directly from us through the website, all ordering routes have the same terms and lead times. Product availability might vary due to site updates from third party ordering platforms so for the most up to date information please check out our website directly.

Usually! Depending on availability we typically offer our seasonal products and limited edition products to our retail partners. Because of the nature of these types of products we usually offer pre-orders to our existing partners first before offering them to new retailers so if you want to be sure to get all the great seasonal scents be sure to join our exclusive retailer only newsletter.

Nope! BUT… We do have order minimums you must meet before wholesale pricing will be applied to your orders. If you are an online retailer or just looking to add our wonderful personal care products to your market booth please apply below. Some applications do not receive instant approval, so be sure to check your email as our team will reach our once we have reviewed your application.

We do not offer our products for fundraisers just yet. In the future we hope to be able to partner with youth organizations and charity drives with fundraising packages. Until then if you have any questions or suggestions about how we can help with your next fundraiser please reach out to us here.

Reach out to us for any questions you may have!

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Bring The Boldest Co.’s mission and values to your customers today! By supporting and encouraging strong women, we become stronger ourselves. Apply below.

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