Making a Difference

What We're Doing

Environmental Outreach

By getting involved in the efforts of local environmental groups, The Boldest Co. has been able to learn and grow in our efforts to create a business that is working toward a better future. By learning from experts and sharing that knowledge with you we hope to make every small effort equal a large change in our environment.

Small Batch on a Big Scale

While all of our products are hand made in small batches we know that small is not the answer when it comes to material ordering or transportation. We are committed to ordering materials in larger quantities from environmentally minded supplies, which saves on packaging and fuel during shipping. We also know that cheaper isn’t always better which is why we have partnered with raw material suppliers from around the world who are committed to fair trade practices. For more information about one of our amazing suppliers check out this blog article on Baraka Shea Butter and their efforts. 

Earth Friendly Packaging

While not all of our packaging is exactly where we want to be yet, we are committed to doing the best we can to provide our customers with environmentally friendly products whenever possible. By switching to paper based boxed for our soaps and bath bombs we have kept unnessesary plastics out of our landfills. For our bottled products we are committed to providing refillable and recyclable packaging that is easy to use again and again!

Looking Foward

Our Sustainability Roadmap

Where we are Starting

While much of our charity efforts are focused on the personal and human side of inequality we know there is so much that can be done for our earth. We are committed to learning and implementing more sustainable options as our small company grows! Right now we are going to continue providing plastic free options where safe and possible and reusable or recyclable plastics where necessary.

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