Mother, business owner, and giant nerd. This really sums up our founder, Hannah Landry. Becoming a business owner really required her to break out of her comfort zone. She found that she already had what it took to reach her goals; she just needed encouragement to find her confidence. Wanting to give that encouragement to others is how The Boldest Co. was born.

Our Founder

Meet Hannah

Just like you, there isn’t just one thing that defines who she is. Some of the more important things to Hannah are spending time with her family and trying to be a good mother to her young son. When she isn’t working on The Boldest Co. you will find her catching up on the newest sci-fi show or spending quality family time camping.


Interview Topics

Daydreams vs. Reality

From Farmer to Founder

Being open to change when our reality doesn’t match up to the dream is the only way Hannah found she could break out of a dangerous rut. After starting her family on a small homestead in rural North Dakota and a worldwide pandemic, Hannah quickly realized that sometimes what we thought we wanted for ourselves isn’t always what we need.

Standing up for ourselves and others

Fostering Change

Working in the almost exclusively male workforce of the oil industry as a young woman exposed Hannah to the harsh realities of the society we live in. Being unafraid to make waves is what led Hannah to create her own space in the world, but she knows that not everyone gets these luxuries, that’s why she is committed to helping everyone she can.

Being better doesn't always mean changing.

Building Confidence

Growing your everyday confidence doesn’t always mean there is something you need to change about yourself. Sometimes all it takes is to embrace who you truly are. By showing up for herself and doing a good bit of introspection, Hannah found that all she needed to do was to trust herself.

Women standing boldly

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Hannah LOVES sharing her journey and spreading love and encouragement to people of all ages and backgrounds. If that sounds like something your audience would appreciate, let's connect!

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From our Founder

Why The Boldest Co.?

Why The Boldest Co.?

Read about why we created The Boldest Co. and who this personal care brand is for. *Spoiler Alert* It's probably you!
Family photo of the founder, her son, and her husband.

Meet The Founder

Learn more about our founder, Hannah Landry.
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