Charity has been baked into The Boldest Co. from day one. We think that everyone should be able to show themselves the respect they deserve, but sometimes that isn’t how the world works. We want to change that. We want to show everyone who is struggling with something in their lives that they are loved and they are not less than. That is why we have committed to donating one product for every product sold online and 10% of all profit generated from our retail partners to community organizations and shelters helping those in need. Last year, as our previous business Foxden Farms, we donated over 300 bars of soap to organizations in our community who serve those in need, including Mountrail County Food Bank, Minot Area Food Bank, and the YWCA.

Charities we Support

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Our Charity Goals

Feel Good, Do Good

Starting a Movement.

By partnering with local charities who’s missions align with our values, we are able to make the maximum impact with the donations associated with your purchases. As a small team we understand the amount of work that goes into making your vision a reality, so we lean on the expertise of those amazing organizations and the community outreach they do, to make sure that much needed supplies get to those in need. Our first goal is to make sure every domestic violence victim, those struggling with mental health or addiction, and the children in our foster care system in our local community have all of their personal care needs met and feel supported and loved by their neighbors. We also work with our larger retailers to fulfill the needs of the communities that they serve.

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What we Believe

We believe the best way to change is to put your intentions out in the open. That is why we have quite a long list of values that we hold ourselves to. If these seem like good ideas to you then welcome! We are glad to have you!

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