The Boldest Co. started as a dream of a better future for our founder, Hannah Landry. Not just as a way to get out of a male dominated industry and workforce, but also to help women everywhere break free from society’s endless pressure. What if you could get everyday essentials and self care luxuries without feeling like a failure or like you are trying to live up to the patriarchy’s standards? What if you could have fun with the things that are normally mundane? What if you could give back to your community with your purchases, instead of giving more to a rich, white dude CEO? That’s how The Boldest Co was born. It took awhile for us to come out of our shell and unlearn the roles that have been ingrained into all women, but we are here now. We are going to keep fighting until every woman feels strong and confident to be their own bold, beautiful selves… without having to change anything about ourselves but a mindset! We started this journey just like you, slowly, and we know that not everything changes overnight, but with effort and determination we believe that we can really make an impact on the world around us.

The Boldest Co is located in, the sometimes not so accepting, state of North Dakota. We are using our midwest roots to grow and expand on the values our founder grew up learning here. A strong sense of family and the love for helping her community in any way she can has greatly influenced how Hannah wanted to do business. Community over corporations seems like an odd way for a business to run, but we believe that unless we radically change our economy we will never change society for the better.

At The Boldest Co.

We Want

Women to stand boldly in the world exactly as they are, no apologies.

To create a community that celebrates imperfection and champions respect.

Why? Because strong, imperfect, vulnerable, confident, courageous women—working together—have the power to change the world.

When we say women we mean— All people who identify as women. Period.

Change will be Hard

We Believe

There is a lot to do to make our world a better place. We have picked a few ways that we think we can help with that change and more importantly help support other women who are making a difference too.

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Our Founder

Mother, Business Owner, and Giant Nerd. Learn more about our founder and her passions.

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Do you have a passion that needs to be heard by strong women? Do you think our mission is worth sharing? Find out how we can help each other here!

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Our Podcast

Sharing motivational stories, life changing journeys, and just interesting stuff about being a woman. What’s not to love?

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Our retail partners believe in our mission and want to offer their customers personal care products that change lives! Find out how you can bring The Boldest Co. to your community and apply to be one of our limited retail partners.

Two hands linking fingers represent The Boldest Co.'s values of giving back and charitable giving.

We Believe In

Giving Back

Everyday essentials, like soap, can seem like a luxury for those in hard life situations and we want to change that. We strive to support all people no matter what, and your purchase really makes a difference in a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. For you and for those less fortunate.

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