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Spicy Momma Hand Soap
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Spicy Momma Bar Soap
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Spicy Momma Shower Gel
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The Boldest Co. handmade bath bomb sits next to it’s colourful box in a shadowy white background in the variation Spicy MommaThe Boldest Co. North Dakota handmade bath bomb product range boxes, sitting in a colourful row in a shadowy white background.
Spicy Momma Bath Bomb
Sale price$18.00

Spicy Momma

Fragrance Notes


A sweet citrus, providing hints of floral and herbaceous note.

Valencia Orange

Bright, zesty, and sweet, just like you.

Ground Pepper

Woodsy and herbal, grounding the citrus in an unlikely harmony.

The Boldest Co brand pattern sees green, blobby shapes on a deep green background

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