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Citrus Lip Balm
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Mint Lip Balm
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Featured Ingredients

Our Lip Balms

Bring your support on the go with our lip loving balm in a stylish, compact, sliding top metal tin. Our smooth blend of shea and mango butters fully absorbs into the lips so you are never left waxy and wanting more. Get one for the car and one for your purse cause you're never going to want to be without this balm again!

Mango Butter

Packed with fatty acids and vitamins to nourish and protect your lips no matter the season.

Shea Butter

This vitamin rich butter not only supports your skin, but also creates the dignity of income for hardworking women in rural ghana through out fair trade certified supplier, Baraka Shea Butter.

Natural Flavors

Our flavored balms feature natural, unsweetened flavor oils.

The Boldest Co brand pattern sees green, blobby shapes on a deep green background

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