Why The Boldest Co.?

Why The Boldest Co.?

Read about why we created The Boldest Co. and who this personal care brand is for. *Spoiler Alert* It's probably you!
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When I started out on the business owner journey I was lost. I was a brand new mother, I hated my job, I hated that I hated the job I was supposed to be happy to have because of a man’s ego. I knew I had adhd but I was unable to treat it effectively due to breastfeeding and that was just one more thing that I had to sacrifice for someone else. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to be. I wanted something that was just mine.

So you are probably thinking of course that’s when I came up with the idea for a kick ass women empowerment brand whose sole focus is helping others and being our true selves. Nope! I created the milk toast, homestead centric brand, Foxden Farms, that focused on goats and traditional family values. I created even more work for myself because of course I was going to sabotage the one thing that was supposed to be fun and joyful. I was trying so hard to change myself to fit in this mold of ‘perfection' because I thought that was the only way I could deserve to be happy. I was telling everyone how strong and determined I was while doubting myself and conforming to be exactly who the patriarchy thought I should be. 

When I got laid off at the start of ‘the pandemic that shall not be named’, my mental health hit rock bottom. I was home everyday with my toddler and quickly realized that I needed to do something for myself or I was not going to make it out with my sanity intact. You know what really helped me? Tik Tok. Yep, the good old clock app. I found so many like minded people who were going through the same shit I was and they weren’t hiding from it. They were talking about mental health and inequality and they were ASKING FOR CHANGE! These accounts weren’t just content creators, they were real human beings with the courage to stand out exactly as they were and did not give two shits if anyone didn’t agree with what they had to say. I wanted more than anything to be that person. To be unapologetically myself and to help other women gain the courage to be themselves too. 

So I finally created The Boldest Co. A place for self discovery not self help, because you do not need to change a single thing about yourself to be perfect. You just need the confidence to find the perfection within. To help you on that journey we created an amazing line of self indulgent personal care products that are sure to put a smile on your face everytime you use them. And because we know that the journey of self discovery never ends we invite you to join us every week here at the newsletter and at the For The Bold podcast to listen in as we learn from experts and each other to grow the confidence we need to change society for the better.

So long story short, why did we create The Boldest Co.? Because we are creating a space for the baddest, boldest woman just like you to stand in their power. We exist to create personal care that nourishes, honors and celebrates your body, exactly as it is. Personal care that doesn’t attempt to fix or transform you. We’re here to celebrate what others call flaws, blemishes and imperfections, and to force society's standards and beauty ideals to a more inclusive and honest place.

-Hannah Landry

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