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Learn more about our founder, Hannah Landry.
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Hello and welcome to my blog!

Honestly those are words I never thought I would write, let alone actually publish. You see, I thought that blogs were only for skinny white chicks from the city who were always dressed in the best clothes in a full face of makeup, or the also skinny, and also white, dudes that traveled the world with only a backpack and a dirty bandana. I am very obviously neither one of those people, except the white part, I am 100% Scandinavian from the northern Midwest so, yep very white. 

But here I am writing a blog about my journey as a business owner, a mother, and most importantly my journey in finding confidence to be myself. My name is Hannah Landry. I always thought that there was no one like me growing up. A nerdy, neurodivergent, tom boy that loves to create and learn new things, but also has zero traditionally artistic ability and quilts in my spare time. As much at home listening to D&D actual play podcasts as I am at your local church’s knitting circle with the other grandmas. So you see how I could think that maybe I was unique, right? Well I have found that I am unique but I am not alone. There are so many people my age (30) that also love the things I love. More importantly I have found there are people who are not only accepting of me exactly as I am, but they love to see other people happy and confident in themselves. Those people have really helped me break out of my shell and I hope I can create a space here for others to do the same. 

So a little bit more about me. I was raised in North Dakota. I am a mother to a wonderful boy, who will be going to kindergarten this year! I can’t believe how fast he has grown up. We, along with my husband, live in the small town I grew up in. We actually just moved back here to be closer to family and we are loving every bit of it! If I am not listening to lo-fi while trying to focus on work, you will probably find me listening to podcasts. I am a huge fan of audio dramas and actual play podcasts, oh and basically anything the McElroy family puts out. Currently I am the sole creator for The Boldest Co. which keeps me really busy. From creating new products to writing these wonderful articles and launching our brand new podcast, For The Bold, I really find this to be a fulfilling challenge for me.

Oh and because that isn’t enough work for a small army, I also own and operate Escape Goat Events with my husband, Joseph. We create mobile escape rooms and travel around the state running puzzle adventures for small towns that would otherwise never get to enjoy these games. I really love how these games have brought us together more as a couple and how involved my husband has become in the creative process of the games. He wouldn’t say it but he really is the only reason we have a 100% success rate in playing escape rooms together.

I really hope this article has given you a look into who I am and what motivates me to be a better person. I want this space to be one that helps others gain the courage to be their true selves so I pledge to always do my best to be open and honest about my life. To share the good, the bad, and the ugly and bring in the views of others who do not have the same story as I do so we can all learn from each other along the way. I can not wait for what is yet to come for us!

-Hannah Landry

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